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Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Control Services

There are about 3300 mosquitoes’ species all over in the world. These mosquitoes are responsible for causing so many severe diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya with which world is fighting with great efforts, but they cause more damage to human health day by day and human filling effortless. The world health organization is also trying to control this situation but they also don’t get satisfactory output, the patients of malaria, chikungunya are increasing in large number.

Vpestifypest control – Mosquito service provider company in Delhi offers net Mosquito & Screen mosquito service as per the demand of the customer.

The breeding season of the mosquitoes is normally more during the hot months, and thus Vpestify recognizes the need for seasonal spraying. The company treats the area of breeding of the mosquitoes with odour free and fast-acting products so that you get a lesser number of mosquitoes biting you at home.

One of the best technicians from Vpestify - fly control company would go to inspect your property. They note the areas which are mainly prone to the breeding and activities of mosquitoes. These pests generally breed in the standing water which gets collected in gutters, birdbaths, discarded containers, and water bowls of pets. These areas and the other highly risky areas get treated using special products for the services of control of the flies larvae.


Here are some listed tips for the homeowners, so that they can reduce the activity of mosquitoes:

  • Dispose of any plastic container, tin cans, ceramic pots or other similar types of containers holding water in them.
  • Discarded tires also require your attention. The stagnant water inside the tires is the breeding place for most of the mosquitoes or flies.
  • The recycling containers that are kept outdoors must be drilled at the bottom to prevent any fly or mosquito breeding.
  • The roof gutters which get clogged easily with leaves must be cleaned each year. Roof gutters are common places where mosquitoes and flies breed.
  • Thin out the vegetation around your house if it is quite dense
  • Wood piles must be kept covered.
  • Whack the weeds and cut out dense grasses.
  • If you have plastic pools then turn them over when not getting used. The stagnant water inside the wading pool also becomes the breeding place for mosquitoes. No water must be allowed to remain stagnant in the birdbaths. Wheelbarrows must also be turned over.
  • Remove junk piles.
  • Fish ponds must have continuous running water and stock of fishes in them. Mosquitoes cannot breed in rippling water. They get drowned.

Experts suggest that these tips can keep away flies, mosquitoes or other types of fly pests away from your houses.


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